Well the rain and wind are still at it and it’s been a while since I put a decent bend into a rod. The only fish I’ve hooked lately was a tiny mouth almighty and a little jack I pulled the hook on when striking. Sunday is booked in for a BBB – barra, beer & bbq session so that should clear out the cobwebs with a little luck!

A quick trip to Townsville the other week turned into an epic car trip. Getting the cam belt right on my car took a while and we bought a Subaru Forester back as well. Between going to Subaru everyday and my sister moving there wasn’t much time for fishing. Only went out twice and had a barra boof my lure second cast at my feet was about the only action I saw. The other trip was more recon than anything and only saw one fish but it was a cracker jungle perch in Bluewater Creek. Townsville is a great land based spot with loads of options to try out almost everywhere you turn.


Bluewater Creek


Last Sunday a mate Ryan and I went and got out boat licences at Barron river. It was an interesting day and you’d be hard pressed not to pass, but Wayne our instructor was very thorough and I actually learnt a lot of new things that will no doubt be very handy someday! With conditions calming soon, hopefully we can get out in an estuary somewhere in Cairns. I’m keen as.

I also spotted a deal on a fishing rod through the week in Japan that I just couldn’t pass up. Another Graphiteleader Vigore, this one is GVIS 722L, so a 2 piece, 7’2″ light, fast action, 92 grams and a casting range of 1/32-1/4. It will be perfect for a few things, fishing tiny hardbodies on the flats, traveling down South and long casts in the jungle. While it might seem too light for tropical waters, I have no doubt it will punch well above it’s weight. It’s got the backbone to handle a decent fish. The rod cost $260 posted, which is a great price, they sold out nearly instantly. I’m going to trial run 5lb fluorocarbon on it and see how it goes.

Graphiteleader have also released a new range of Vigore Nuovo rods as part of the new 2013 range. They are even lighter than before (esp. baitcast), which is crazy. How about a baitcast rod that weighs just 134 grams that will throw a 3oz lure and 3/8 oz at the same time? I’m sure these are identical blanks to Evergreen Kaleido with some of the rods being the exact same spec now.

I’ll leave you with some totally unrelated photos of one of my favourite Cairns creeks and a pic of our new Suby. Should get me into some new fishing rounds nicely 😀