Well it has been a long time between updates and a lot has happened too.

  • Moved to FNQ
  • Have collected a lot of lures
  • Met some very cool fishermen
  • Have started catching more fish
  • Am considering an online business related to fishing

Moving up to Cairns has been the best part, a welcome change in attitude and pace with excellent fishing of all types on offer. I don’t think I could move back to the Gold Coast.

My lure collection has come along swimmingly, now boasting a range of hardbodies of nearly every type. Inspired by a serious lure collector, I have made a display within and old set of shelves I was given. Top level is Australian made collectable lures (Richard Lee’s, George Dempster, Killalure, Carl Grist C-Lures, Boomerang, Leads, McConachie and many more…), second level is all Japanese (Lucky Craft, Megabass, Jackall Bros, Daiwa, Sugoi, Evergreen, Smith, Duo, to name some…), third level is Finland and US, so Nilsmaster, Rapala, Manns, Bomber, Cotton Cordell and some others. Looking back I certainly moved fast on this lure collecting. A wise word of advice given to me just the other day by Captain Seaweed (Darwin lure maker and collector), was to take my time and don’t worry Tony I was listening and thanks for the lure mate 😀

Meeting cool fishermen was something I’d hoped would happen and I had a few people in mind that I’d like to meet. Well I can proudly say these guys are all good mates now and genuinely nice people. The generosity of people up here in Cairns really restores all faith in the human race and I’m blown away by how different it is than SEQ (South East Queensland). A change for the better. I will get into more detail about this in the future no doubt, but thanks to Tony Day, Barry Cross, Mark Dunham for taking me fishing and showing me a bit about Cairns and the surrounds!!

Now the fishing, it’s been good. Not a very good season at the moment due to the fresh water run off making all the creeks muddy, but the barra are around and I’ve been introduced to some great land based spots thanks to Tony Day! I will add some photos down the bottom of this post. Species encountered include, Jacks, Barra, Sooty Grunter, Jungle Perch, Giant Trevally, Grunter, Little Jew, Tarpon, lots of Sting Rays and some others. In the future I will add some information on each fish as a profile of sorts with links to some good information about the fish.

An online business related to fishing is something I really want to do. It will be based around lures no doubt and a domain name has already been purchased. It will be a labour of passion and something a bit different. See how I go anyway and will update as it happens 😀

Jungle Perch Cairns Action Shot
First Jungle Perch Ever, Cairns
Freshwater Jungle Perch Smaller Model
Freshwater Sooty Grunter, Ross and Locke
Tarpon, Cairns Inlet

Here are some of Tony’s catches of late:
Fat Jack on a hand line
Big barramundi
Fat Jungle Perch

With the exception of one day, I have been out fished by Tony every single time. He really knows his spots and gets some nice fish!

2 Responses to “Fishy Update”

Hi there,

Good to see that you are still on it.
And some nice catch too.
(I am yet to land a Mangrove Jack…)

But now that you have been talking about your lures display…
Can you show it to us please?

Have a good day.

February 16th, 2012

Hey Rambling One, adding a post for you now mate! I have another display coming soon and will add some to that. Also just started rolling my own, a mate gave me a few blanks to finish, he makes some nice lures.

February 19th, 2012