Have been landbased fishing quite a lot lately with a good mate Tony (barra eyes) who is back from working away. Tony is a soft plastic and live bait lover, to Tony nothing beats an unweighted live prawn and who can argue with that (when it comes to bait fishing anyway), his favourite soft plastic is a 2 inch gulp shrimp.

This is a silver grunter I caught flicking soft plastics around Kamerunga Bridge one rainy morning. These fish are easily one of the strongest fighting fish you can catch for their size and they could pull a GT, Sooty or Jack backwards. Good sign of water quality, but really not much about this morning.

Later that day we hit spot N armed with loads of live prawns that we castnetted earlier. Unsure if it was the fact the prawns seemed very lethargic, but we ended up catching more fish on tiny gulp shrimp, with an exciting bite window that saw 4-5 few fish landed in minutes. There were GT, tarpon and barra all hitting bait on the surface. Later after the plastics and bait shut down and I got nailed by a big barra that I couldn’t turn (nowhere near, simply no chance) and lost my Gold Lucky Craft Staysee 100DD hardbody to a pylon. For about 20 minutes I was getting follows and bumps but no solid hookups, all it took was a slight change in hardbody and action to reignite them.

Here are some of the fish caught, not everything got a photo, but some of the tarpon were good size and made for some exciting runs as they were really hitting hard. Tony got a couple of barra in the 50’s as usual and I caught a horse bream that wasn’t very long, but was the fattest bream I’ve ever seen (the picture does no justice to this fish).



We went back to the Russell to toss some lures around snags with Mark. Getting colder and less action but still got a few.

Early morning Mangrove Jack


Sooty grunter.


Unusual catch, good fighter called for a much larger fish. Spikey bugger.

Football shaped Sooty, this guy was so fat Mark couldn’t believe the weight of him. Good fight too on 1kg outfit.

Sooty Grunter with a weight problem

Baby Mangrove Jack

Good tarpon on very light gear

Horse Tarpon

Decent sized Crocodile, not scared by us.