Here are a few pictures of some fish we’ve been caught this year mostly on live baits. Lots of Barramundi that promptly get released (photos are taken by someone as another releases it instantly, we don’t like harming any fish). Some Morwong have been showing up, James caught a cracker the other night on a live prawn. Lot’s of dropped fish with instant hit and runs, usually on prawns. Some nice smaller fingermark around as well as the usual grunter. Kept a smaller fingermark around 45cm for dinner the other night and it was delicious, best fish in the estuary!

Below is a Barra caught on the flats in the middle of the day on a dead herring.


Below is a Barra Tony caught on the flats in the middle of the day on a live herring. Moments before I got owned by an easy metre+ estimated 120-130cm freight train on light gear that nearly spooled me, dropped him after the line hit an underwater rock, so close, but so far. Bring on open season!


Below is a 2.5kg-3kg fatty Morwong caught on the flats in the middle of the day in a cast net while gathering bait.


Below is a fatty Morwong caught by James in 8 metre deep water at night off a jetty on a live prawn.


A baby jack, cute enough for a aquarium (you can’t keep them this size). Had to put him up, dropped two decent jacks this same morning – trebles were tiny (now upgraded). Frustrating, but that’s what keeps us coming back 😀