Have not been fishing much lately, but soon an all out barra mission for the last week of open season will begin.

Caught this pair of jacks just after the high tide had turned at a Barron River location. They were definitely on the bite with lots of smaller jacks around and I saw a nice larger model free swimming around when I got there.




Hit the Inlet to see what lies beneath. Slow night with one random keeper fingermark on a small live prawn.


A few other random fish, including this unknown (anybody know what it is?). The token tarpon and a couple of small pikey bream that fell in love with the ever irresistible live prawn.




Went out to Vlasoff Cay on a catamaran over the weekend, which was awesome. Conditions weren’t as perfect as last time but the wind made for good sailing.

Caught a heap of little reef fish (couldn’t help myself) and dropped a good sized cod and a nice spangled emperor (don’t think it was a grassy) right at the surface. The emperor gave a very good account of itself and tried to bury me in the reef a few times but was no match for the new rod.

Also took this cool photo of a little blue spot rockcod. The background is the deck of the cat, with no photoshop or anything. Other pic is the emperor just after I struck it, last picture is a total cracker taken by Laura on her iPhone.

Reef Cod
Emperor on the line

I’ve lost part of my battery charger (again), so I need to get that sorted and start taking photos again. Sorry for the lack of updates 😀