Here’s a few photos of the last trip into Trinity Inlet. 1 jack, 2 bream, 1 estuary cod was all we could rustle up but it was a cracking day!!





Live bait, lures and soft plastics. A fair few bust offs, at least 6. We kept moving until we found where the barra were feeding. I was lucky to get one of my lures back after a huge hit and run from a very large barra. Leader knot failed because some idiot forgot to retie it from the other night.

Live bait did the trick, herring or mullet and somehow Tony caught nearly all the fish (freak). Also got a very good buck mud crab in one of the pots! Watching mullet get slammed off the surface and getting drilled by unstoppable barra near pylons was the highlight!

60cm flathead


36cm mangrove jack


40cm GT

44cm cod


51cm tarpon

65cm barramundi

63cm barramundi




Last week Mark and I hit up Double Island again. There was a trawler working in close so we trolled a few zig zags through it’s trail of juvenile dead fish. It’s sad to see a trawler working so close to the beach off the headlands that are all netting Barramundi already, they are ruining the entire breeding cycle of the estuary and inshore areas. Why it’s allowed so close to a major town that attracts so many tourists, a lot of whom love to fish, is beyond me. Anyway, this particular day was really nice and we had grand plans, with rainbow gar and wog heads we expected at least one mackeral.

We trolled for hours for not much more than one really good strike that took Mark’s gar and a good chunk of his wog head skirt. How this thing missed the hooks, we will never know. After the sun came up we switched to lures and managed 3 bronze whaler sharks. I caught mine on a carrot stick and a 3000 reel and it was a heap of fun, just a shame it was a shark. We went into the estuary and apart from one VERY greedy cod, not much was doing.

Lately we’ve been catching a ton of bronze whalers trolling lures. Mark and his son had a good day late last week, trolling up 7 mackeral, dropping 5 and Mark caught a cracking 72cm pink bar cheeked coral trout.

Still raining here and I get a new reel today via UPS. Haven’t had a good flick for a week now and I’m feeling the effects. If it’s not wind it’s rain. We nearly went tilapia slaying again yesterday in an attempt to beat our record at 96, but it was cold and rainy and no tilapia is worth putting up with that 😀

Later this week Mark and I are going to hit the Russell, or Double Island if it’s colder. Depends on the weather. Can’t wait!!