Have not been fishing much lately, but soon an all out barra mission for the last week of open season will begin.

Caught this pair of jacks just after the high tide had turned at a Barron River location. They were definitely on the bite with lots of smaller jacks around and I saw a nice larger model free swimming around when I got there.




A plan was hatched to fish the last of the run out tide today in the lower reaches of the Barron River, then to head home. The wind was shifting direction a bit from SW to SE and it picked up to the usual gusts of late pretty early on. We decided to start fishing not far from the ramp and just flick prawns into the shallows and drift towards the mouth with the tide. Didn’t take long and I was connected to a fish that had me confused as it was pulling like a little GT then a jack and it turned out to be a small grunter. Finally I have caught one on a lure!


We drifted on and apart from some very small taps nothing was doing. We stopped at the airport lights bridge and jigged some vibes (an a piece of carpet) before getting bored and continuing the drift downstream. The wind started to pick up so I turned the electric for Redden Creek and we went to hit some snags. I haven’t been up this creek in nearly a year and a half and there really aren’t the snags there I had remembered. We spotted a small croc swimming just near the boat and he was camera shy, every time I got the camera out then turned it on, he went under.

There was a likely snag just off a nice back eddy out of the current and full of sticks that I kept doing drifts past and just as I went to adjust the electric something hit my plastic but he wasn’t very big and couldn’t make it far before I had him winched in. A nice healthy little jack that swallowed the lure, I didn’t measure him but he would have been around 35cm, maybe a touch bigger.


We then went down to the seaside mouth of Redden Creek as I was looking for some bigger snags and didn’t find any decent ones, so we motored back out and had a flick around the mouth of the creek and what little snags we could find.

I ran the electric motor over to a distant snag that looked good and planned to drift back across the others. We all deployed our weedless plastics deep into the snag, I drifted mine right into the snag, down nice and deep when I felt a sharp pull and solid energetic weight. This fish was not mucking about and it ended up being a tug of war for a moment with neither wanting to give in. For a split second I was thinking it was a barra because of the sheer power, but then it bricked me good, but I could feel leader on the snag and I was confident of getting him out. Out of the corner of my eye I heard Ryan yell, “Got ya” as this poor archerfish became airborne straight into the boat at head height. Ryan had a good hit and thought it had come back and gave it all he had, which was too much for a little archer. Around this time I asked Ryan to help out with the electric as I’d drifted onto the snag and was struggling to concentrate on two things at once. Almost the moment we got off the snag the fish swam out into the open and up popped a very nice jack. Once again I didn’t measure him but he’d have been about 46-47cm and quite a nice fish, he certainly wanted that lure!


We called it a day shortly after and got out the wind but it was a nice way to spend the morning and finally get out for a fish!


Have hit the Barron twice lately in varying conditions, glassed out for nothing except a baby fingermark. Then yesterday we managed half a dozen baby tiddler barra on gulp shrimp with one good fish lost to a snapped leader on the gill raker. Still beats sitting at home!

Someone (not me) needs to clean their brag mat!