It’s staying overcast and raining on and off, the creeks water levels are increasing and the jungle perch are biting.

Normally a very shy species with almost superpower abilities to detect threat, when the creeks rise and the water becomes full of debris it’s time to go fishing.

The other advantage of targeting them in the rain is less chance of spooking fish and less people at the usual local spots around Cairns.

So if you’re sitting at home on a rainy day wondering what to do, go hit up some of the local creeks and catch some of these beautiful fish. I find smaller minnows work better than plastics in tiny creeks.

Went down for an hour today and caught two, only took a photo of one as it was raining to heavily for the camera. But they are easily one of my favourite fish. First spot I missed three good fish first cast using a new soft plastic I haven’t tried before, won’t make that mistake next time and switched to a small Zip Bait hardbody. As usual, one cast and they were all over me, so I kept moving.