After a visit to the Mazdabator bridge turned out to be a bad move as nobody was home, Tony, his missus and myself went over to Kamerunga bridge. I have a theory that the fish are not making it up to Mazdabator as they are too busy feeding on all the new moon prawns that have recently been flushed out. Time will tell on that oneā€¦

Tide had turned and started heading out. I was using a small gulp shrimp on a 1/20oz size 1 jig head and casting out, slightly across from where I was standing and drifting the plastic diagonally back to where I was standing with very small sharp hops off the bottom. When I didn’t get a bite, I left it to sink longer and most of the time got a bump or nearly snagged. As the tide had just turned the run was perfect, so I could drift the bait and get it down near the bottom still. Like a natural prawn action.

As I was approaching the Jackson 5, I got hit by what felt like a big jack, but could have been a barra too as it just opened the jig head and there was nothing I could do. Felt like a jack. Honestly there is nothing more annoying than inferior fishing gear and it annoys the piss out of me. So from now on I’ll be buying nothing but the tournament TT jig heads, but at nearly $2 each, will be paying for it. Still better than losing more good fish!!

So after all that I was left thinking “I want you jack”

Tony got a couple of tiddlers too, a little flatty and a small Jack. All the fish were released.