Still a legal salmon virgin, I have to admit I’m slightly jealous of a certain fish magnet that can pull fish out of a stagnant puddle. You know those guys, you don’t get a bite and they kill the pig. It’s ok, as the luck usually turns, but after 12+ months soon you learn there must be something else at play. What’s the secret Tony?

I’ve been fishing with the same bait, the same rig, in the same spot. Nada. Then ask Tony (half fish, half man) to put a live bait down exactly where I was and BAM, pulls out a jack. Never, and I mean never, have I met a bigger freak in my entire life. Tony I hate you.

So instead of smashing the barra when nobody else can get a bite, lately it’s been salmon on the beaches. Another example, 5 minutes and 3 salmon. Tony 3 Ben 0, I had not even rigged up and he’s caught 3 salmon plus a 3 tooth jew. Still a salmon virgin, but I don’t think I will be for long!

If it wasn’t raining I could take some photos of all the salmon Tony has been catching, below is one of many. Somehow my foul hooked baby striped grunter and sea snake don’t count! HAHA!



Session where bait yielded nothing, but caught a couple of GTs on the vibe and my first wolf herring. Dropped a very large barra that made my reel scream like never before and also something large from the depths of the channel in the Inlet.

Did well to land the larger GT around the pylons, certainly went hard for a smaller trev.





Couple of angry jacks taken by Tony on live mullet within 5 minutes of each other in an otherwise uneventful Trinity Inlet land based session.




Had an awesome morning on one of the Cairns beaches… Spooled by a 6ft hammerhead, 2 catfish, 3 other sharks, 2 baby grunter, 1 silver jew, heeeeaps of small whiting, 12+ three tooth jew, 2 dropped blue salmon 50/60cm ish and one 40’s. Also some unknowns that shook themselves off before being sighted. Plenty of action anyway, two of us, I fished one rod and a mate two.

There were big sharks swimming around with their tails out 30cm from the shore, people walking their dogs looked a bit concerned and I’ll never be swimming in close here again! Eventually one took my bait or a fish that took my bait more likely. Thought I had a chance and played him for about 15mins before it went on a screamer of a run and spooled me. Bugger.

Camera is on the blink, so no pics. We also hit up Bramston Beach in uncomfortable heat on Tuesday and caught dart, snub nose dart and lots of whiting on small vibes which was fun and some pikey bream and the worlds smallest jack on the way home in the Russell on yabbies. Hard fishing land based lately around the full moon as always, but a mate scored two cracking jacks last Friday in a hot 5 minute bite.


Have been doing a few land based quick flicks around the local waterways mainly using light gear of late. Nothing spectacular but I have been finding some decent flathead lies and baby fish. No barra unfortunately. Also a small jack caught today in the Russell River, missed a few hits this morning early, wasn’t my day 🙁







Bad tide with severe neap, but still a beautiful day exploring. Only one baby cod for Ryan.





Have not been fishing much lately, but soon an all out barra mission for the last week of open season will begin.

Caught this pair of jacks just after the high tide had turned at a Barron River location. They were definitely on the bite with lots of smaller jacks around and I saw a nice larger model free swimming around when I got there.




We decided to fish Trinity Inlet this morning focusing on the hour and a half either side of high tide. The plan was to just target barra as closed season approaches, and to try and get Ryan his first legal sized fish ever. There wasn’t a lot of baitfish around except for very small fry and some jelly prawns and with a 2.5m tide a lot of fish (and the barra) were sheltering deep up in the mangroves. Near the tide turn there were plenty of ‘boofs’ up in the mangroves.

The spot we’d decided on was fairly quiet and we ran lures over all sorts of likely snags before heading for some shallow well timbered areas. Conditions were ideal with barely a drop of wind and enough water to get into an area that is perfect ambush territory for barramundi to prey on baitfish. Ryan told me to cast up into this one spot near some glassy water as he fired off a long cast across some gnarly structure. I watched his cast and a barra hit his gold bomber and take the air. Ryan did very well to get the fish to the boat through numerous snags using 20lb braid and leader and after a few tense moments while the barra ran around in a snag I netted the fish.



The barra measured 65cm and Ryan was a pretty happy man as you might be able to tell.


All I could manage for todays effort was this brave little GT.







How big is the head on this Tarpon?


Unknown, any ideas? Silver Trevally?


Random Lion fish.




Decent fingermark


Today was one of those days.

First we cast netted a large bucket of live prawns in a ubiquitous (I like that word – thanks Alex!) local creek. Hit the beaches for a salmon and I finally hooked into one, only to drop it at the shore. I still haven’t caught a salmon in Cairns in 19 months – grrr – but who’s counting. Dropped a decent silver jew and then we hit a popular bait drowning spot on the Barron River and caught two barra, mine was teeny weeny and Tony managed to pull a jumping barra from one side of a bridge to the other and bounce it off pylons, the lot, all on 8lb main line. I grabbed the leader to lip grip it and it shook the hook free straight into my wrist, I still have the mark where the hook hit. Caught a tiny jack that was annoying another guy baiting him constantly, he shook violently and sprayed blood all over my shirt and face, just the way I like it (ok, maybe not……).

With a good patch of weather on the way, the fishing should improve. Especially with some more run in the Barron, today was painful with a 15 minute period of run out from high when the barra came on, we both hooked up, then it died again. Must be the release of water from the dam holding the tide back somewhat. It was entertaining watching tiny birds scaring milkfish schools into a frenzy.

Couldn’t be bothered with photos, but was a fun day out.