Just checked the statistics for this blog, well over 10,000 page views per month and over 16,000 page views in February. Who would have thought that? Certainly not me. Last month alone was 4gb of bandwidth used which is a fair amount of images and pages viewed, around 50,000 hits in the old scale.

Sounds like time for a decent competition with a real prize I reckon. Watch this space.


The season has changed and nice cool evenings and mornings are finally here. A nice spell of weather has accompanied the change as well. Here are a few photos of the sorts of days we have had to endure. I really need to start getting up much earlier and enjoying these mornings, some fishing wouldn’t be the worst idea either 😛


Machans Beach sunrisesunrise-machans

Machans Beach looking south towards Cape Grafton + False Cape

Midday Trinity Inlet


Well the rain and wind are still at it and it’s been a while since I put a decent bend into a rod. The only fish I’ve hooked lately was a tiny mouth almighty and a little jack I pulled the hook on when striking. Sunday is booked in for a BBB – barra, beer & bbq session so that should clear out the cobwebs with a little luck!

A quick trip to Townsville the other week turned into an epic car trip. Getting the cam belt right on my car took a while and we bought a Subaru Forester back as well. Between going to Subaru everyday and my sister moving there wasn’t much time for fishing. Only went out twice and had a barra boof my lure second cast at my feet was about the only action I saw. The other trip was more recon than anything and only saw one fish but it was a cracker jungle perch in Bluewater Creek. Townsville is a great land based spot with loads of options to try out almost everywhere you turn.


Bluewater Creek


Last Sunday a mate Ryan and I went and got out boat licences at Barron river. It was an interesting day and you’d be hard pressed not to pass, but Wayne our instructor was very thorough and I actually learnt a lot of new things that will no doubt be very handy someday! With conditions calming soon, hopefully we can get out in an estuary somewhere in Cairns. I’m keen as.

I also spotted a deal on a fishing rod through the week in Japan that I just couldn’t pass up. Another Graphiteleader Vigore, this one is GVIS 722L, so a 2 piece, 7’2″ light, fast action, 92 grams and a casting range of 1/32-1/4. It will be perfect for a few things, fishing tiny hardbodies on the flats, traveling down South and long casts in the jungle. While it might seem too light for tropical waters, I have no doubt it will punch well above it’s weight. It’s got the backbone to handle a decent fish. The rod cost $260 posted, which is a great price, they sold out nearly instantly. I’m going to trial run 5lb fluorocarbon on it and see how it goes.

Graphiteleader have also released a new range of Vigore Nuovo rods as part of the new 2013 range. They are even lighter than before (esp. baitcast), which is crazy. How about a baitcast rod that weighs just 134 grams that will throw a 3oz lure and 3/8 oz at the same time? I’m sure these are identical blanks to Evergreen Kaleido with some of the rods being the exact same spec now.

I’ll leave you with some totally unrelated photos of one of my favourite Cairns creeks and a pic of our new Suby. Should get me into some new fishing rounds nicely 😀





My plans for this barramundi season are many. I’ve shared some below. There is something about this enigmatic fish that keeps you coming back for more, time and time again!

Fishing plastics deep during the day

A lot of time was spent casting snags in the mangroves during the day last season. The results were not very impressive barramundi wise, but lots of mangrove jack were caught. This season I plan to reduce this by half and heavily fish deep holes during the day when the fish have receded into deeper water after the sun has come up. This will help me work out the barra’s movements through the tides each day.

Exploring larger lures & swim baits

When fishing the ‘snags’ in the early morning and evening I’m planning on upscaling my offerings. There are a few reasons for this, partially because I just think large lures are awesome, but mostly to lure a large barramundi into something it would not normally see. It’s no secret that barramundi eat very large prey, but how many anglers actively exploit this? There are so many spots that I’ve fished over the last year that just haven’t produced when they look so fishy. I’m sure something big is down there and the offering is just wrong to invite that big barra out to bite.

Slowing down presentations

Barramundi are not mangrove jack. Barramundi are not mangrove jack. Barramundi are not mangrove jack. How many times do I need to remind myself this and S L O W    D O W N! Much easier than you would think. I tend to get over excited and rush, even if I try really hard to SLOW DOWN, before long I’m back to my old ways – ripping lures around and catching mangrove jacks! Another thing that needs to slow is how long I spend peppering the same ‘snag’, and what lures are being thrown into it. Starting with a slow retrieve, more lures, different types of lures need to be thrown at the same snag until a pattern forms.

Explore the options

Last season I simply threw too many of the same sized lures, in the same ways. At the end of the season I’d started to mix it up with some lighter prawn type presentations and this worked to great effect, however, still to many jacks. Slow down. This season I want to take that a few steps further, with tiny prawns and hard bodies, small plastics, vibes, regular jerk and twitch baits, through to large lures and swim baits, mostly all fished dead slow!

New areas I would like to explore include a couple of land based spots, learning how to fish the flats and headlands. Run off period (‘what run off period?’ I hear you say, it’s looking late) is when this plan will kick in and I’d like to fish the same spot once every few days in an attempt to crack some sort of pattern.

Being prepared for that beasty mumma!

Embarrassed to say it, but I lost some big fish last year. One in particular sticks out, I was fishing a lucky craft sammy walk the dog surface lure and exploring a local creek. I was new to fishing walk the dog lures and enjoying just getting the hang of the action. Catching a fish wasn’t really top of mind when I went down that day, but after a while the conditions just started to feel right. I was starting to feel confident I’d catch a fish. Experimenting with different cadences, I slowed to an almost mesmerising retrieve. It wasn’t until the lure was within the last 10 metres that it hit, and HIT IT DID! OMG! What the hell just happened? It was like someone had dropped two besser bricks on top of my lure. Instantly my rod loaded up right through the butt, something I’d never have imagined as it’s not exactly the lightest rod, the drag screamed off and before I could even say YES! The hooks pulled.

How could this happen? I reeled in my lure, still trembling from the adrenaline rush and all was revealed. One treble was totally straightened. How could I do this? I normally replace all my trebles with serious ones, but in a rush to learn walk the dog, I’d not even thought twice and lost what would have been the fish of the year. Talk about devastated. I still think about it.

Don’t repeat my bad experiences and prepare well!

Pay more attention to the signs & fish the correct tides at least once a day

When do barramundi bite the most? Dawn and dusk, yes! But apart from that I’m none the wiser apart from fishing around the tide turns mostly high and fishing when the conditions are stable or about to change with an approaching storm front. I want to change this and start to learn a few more patterns and likely haunts throughout some of the local systems around Cairns.

So what are your plans for this season? Any special new techniques planned? Any new area you want to try?


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Picture 45


Beautiful conditions today for barramundi fishing at the headlands and Cairns beaches all the way north to Port Douglas. 3.5 days to go until open season 😀

Picture 42


So why has it been so quiet on here lately?

Well a few reasons.
1. I can’ find my battery charger for my phone
2. I haven’t been fishing much due to the massive amounts of rain and dirty water
3. I’ve mostly been catching small grunter and little jew fish on green prawns
4. Lots of vermin, HEAPS of catfish and tarpon. Bloody vermin.

I think the water will be clearing up even more soon, hopefully we just get small amounts of rain, if any.

Trips I have planned include some freshwater bashing, lure tossing in the salt and as usual, all land based.


Well it has been a long time between updates and a lot has happened too.

  • Moved to FNQ
  • Have collected a lot of lures
  • Met some very cool fishermen
  • Have started catching more fish
  • Am considering an online business related to fishing

Moving up to Cairns has been the best part, a welcome change in attitude and pace with excellent fishing of all types on offer. I don’t think I could move back to the Gold Coast.

My lure collection has come along swimmingly, now boasting a range of hardbodies of nearly every type. Inspired by a serious lure collector, I have made a display within and old set of shelves I was given. Top level is Australian made collectable lures (Richard Lee’s, George Dempster, Killalure, Carl Grist C-Lures, Boomerang, Leads, McConachie and many more…), second level is all Japanese (Lucky Craft, Megabass, Jackall Bros, Daiwa, Sugoi, Evergreen, Smith, Duo, to name some…), third level is Finland and US, so Nilsmaster, Rapala, Manns, Bomber, Cotton Cordell and some others. Looking back I certainly moved fast on this lure collecting. A wise word of advice given to me just the other day by Captain Seaweed (Darwin lure maker and collector), was to take my time and don’t worry Tony I was listening and thanks for the lure mate 😀

Meeting cool fishermen was something I’d hoped would happen and I had a few people in mind that I’d like to meet. Well I can proudly say these guys are all good mates now and genuinely nice people. The generosity of people up here in Cairns really restores all faith in the human race and I’m blown away by how different it is than SEQ (South East Queensland). A change for the better. I will get into more detail about this in the future no doubt, but thanks to Tony Day, Barry Cross, Mark Dunham for taking me fishing and showing me a bit about Cairns and the surrounds!!

Now the fishing, it’s been good. Not a very good season at the moment due to the fresh water run off making all the creeks muddy, but the barra are around and I’ve been introduced to some great land based spots thanks to Tony Day! I will add some photos down the bottom of this post. Species encountered include, Jacks, Barra, Sooty Grunter, Jungle Perch, Giant Trevally, Grunter, Little Jew, Tarpon, lots of Sting Rays and some others. In the future I will add some information on each fish as a profile of sorts with links to some good information about the fish.

An online business related to fishing is something I really want to do. It will be based around lures no doubt and a domain name has already been purchased. It will be a labour of passion and something a bit different. See how I go anyway and will update as it happens 😀

Jungle Perch Cairns Action Shot
First Jungle Perch Ever, Cairns
Freshwater Jungle Perch Smaller Model
Freshwater Sooty Grunter, Ross and Locke
Tarpon, Cairns Inlet

Here are some of Tony’s catches of late:
Fat Jack on a hand line
Big barramundi
Fat Jungle Perch

With the exception of one day, I have been out fished by Tony every single time. He really knows his spots and gets some nice fish!